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Our Mission

Phytovi's® mission has been to provide healthcare professionals with exceptional and innovative, condition specific nutraceutical formulas.

At Phytovi®, our passion is for creating practical, easy to use formulas that fill critical niches in patient care.

Our idea has always been to provide high caliber supplements to professionals devoted to delivering quality healthcare to their patients. This partnership with Physicians, Chiropractors, Pharmacists, and Patients allows for a unique opportunity in optimizing the management of patient health. With an uncompromising commitment to excellence, Phytovi® has engendered the trust of healthcare professionals and their patients nationwide.

With over 15 years of experience in providing our customers with quality complimentary healthcare.  Our consultation services are designed around a holistic plan for improving your health over all and balancing the body systems.  We also  do problem solving consultations for animals and pets of all varieties as well.   

Some of the thank-you letters we have received have been included in the testimonials portion of this site.  If you have any questions for us or would like to meet with our specialist, feel free to email or call us.  We are at your service.   

Please browse through our protocols.  Like the one for Phytovi Professional Supplements that shows up on this site, when you consult with our professional, you get your own protocol for harmonizing your systems.